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Nexense launches home monitoring products based on contactless biosensors

Nexense, an emerging sensor technology company, has developed the Nexaver product line for home and professional monitoring of vital signs.

The Nexaver product line is based on Nexense’s biosensor platform, which offers contact-free monitoring of vital signs, including heart and pulse rate, in a non-intrusive and non-radiating manner. The Nexaver product line will consist of Nexense’s professional products, PatientCare and SeniorCare Nexaver, and its home use PartnerCare, ChildCare and SleepCare Nexaver.

“With the Nexaver product line, we are giving consumers solutions to easily and effectively monitor the health of every family member at home. Our technology will also provide hospitals and assisted living facilities with affordable and reliable monitoring devices,” said Arik Ariav, CEO, Nexense.

Home products

All home-use Nexaver products use a thin, pliable sensor pad, placed under any mattress, to track vital signs in a real-time, completely passive manner with no intrusion on lifestyle or wiring to the body.

The SleepCare Nexaver helps improve sleep quality by reducing, and potentially preventing, snoring. It utilizes the sensor pad and a small feedback box, which vibrates lightly when snoring occurs but does not intrude on the sleeper’s comfort. Over the course of a night’s sleep, the SleepCare Nexaver trains the snorer to shift into a position that allows free air flow, thereby reducing snoring; it also teaches the sleeper to associate the slight vibration with snoring, thereby enabling him/her to breath correctly.

PartnerCare Nexaver is designed for couples. When abnormal and potentially life-threatening vital signs are detected during sleep hours, it immediately alerts the other partner to handle the situation.

The ChildCare Nexaver monitors children’s health well-being data, such as heart rate, respiration, moving, coughing and crying. It notifies parents of any abnormal occurrence and tracks this information. It also provides parents with valuable data on their children’s sleep patterns, such as when the child went to bed and how long the child slept.

Professional products

Intended for hospitals and geriatric facilities, Nexense’s SeniorCare Nexaver and PatientCare Nexaver vital sign monitors will ensure that all patients are monitored. If their condition worsens, professional staff are automatically alerted to take action.

The alert range of the Nexaver can be pre-defined or customized by the medical or nursing staff. When a risk is detected, an alarm is activated. The Nexaver professional use products can be incorporated into existing emergency call button mechanisms and can provide an integrated hub for data and waveform display from Nexaver and other hospital monitoring devices. Monitoring of a patient’s bed occupancy and movement in bed can also be integrated into the Nexaver products.

“The Nexaver technology can be adapted and integrated into many existing medical imaging systems to enhance performance,” added Ariav. “For example, we are currently collaborating with a leading medical company to develop a triggering device for MRI and CT. This will enable real-time 3D images of any organ in a non-invasive and non-intrusive way, without the risks associated with a catheter procedure.”

Nexense is also working with Fujitsu on the development of an ASIC chip for non-intrusive monitoring and tracking of vital signs via mobile phones. The company expects the technology to be available in early 2005.

“We are also actively seeking partners to manufacture and distribute Nexaver products worldwide,” said Asialee Huang, Sr. VP, corporate strategies and worldwide business development. “We are currently exploring opportunities with major brands and companies to ensure that our technology reaches to the widest possible audience.”

For more information see www.nexense.com


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