Paris Public Hospitals Group and Magnisense partner to develop tests for cardiovascular diseases

9 October 2014

French hospital group AP-HP, (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris), and diagnostics technology developer Magnisense have signed a partnership agreement to develop rapid portable diagnostic tests for cardiovascular diseases.

Under this partnership, AP‑HP will provide Magnisense with biological samples from cohorts of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and participate in validating tests.

AP-HP also grants Magnisense a license option agreement for the global and exclusive commercial exploitation of one of its patents on postpartum hemorrhage in women. Magnisense and Lariboisière Hospital are working together to develop and record proprietary emergency diagnostic tests for myocardial infarction that meet the requirements of hospital emergency physicians, resuscitation specialists, anaesthesiologists and cardiologists.

These quantitative tests are based on whole blood, take 15 minutes and are robust, portable, economical and WiFi-enabled. The instrument designed by Magnisense based on its proprietary MIAtek technology is used to conduct the tests. Magnisense says it aims to commercialize its first diagnostic tests, starting in France within the next few months.

These same tests can also be recorded and commercialized to "predict postpartum hemorrhage in women", one of the most common causes of death after childbirth. The tests, which contribute in establishing a predictive score for the risk of postpartum hemorrhage — a technique patented and validated in two cohorts of patients — will be developed through the option license agreement for commercial exploitation granted by AP-HP to Magnisense.

"The development of reliable, inexpensive and easy-to-use point-of-care tools for biological measurement meets a real need. Biomarkers are now used on a day-to-day basis, both to help in diagnosis and stratify risk as well as to guide the treatment of the patients that we care for every day, in particular patients at high cardiovascular risk," explains Prof. Alexandre Mebazaa, Head of the Anesthesia and Reanimation Department at the Saint-Louis-Lariboisière Hospital Group.

"Our proprietary emergency diagnostic tests for cardiovascular diseases offer a concrete response to major public health and economic concerns throughout the world. We are delighted about this partnership with Professor Alexandre Mebazaa's team and AP-HP. It enables Magnisense to ensure the safety of the development and validation quality of its tests," adds Lyse Santoro, Chief Executive Officer of Magnisense.


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