Swedish life sciences cluster visits
Life Sciences Hub Wales

15 December 2014

Medicon Village, a Swedish cluster for life sciences, visited Wales’ new centre for life sciences earlier this month. The visit builds on a relationship which began 18 months ago when Life Sciences Hub Wales was chosen as Medicon Village’s first partnering 'twin'.

The two organisations identified a number of areas where they can share knowledge and collaborate. Care of the elderly and ageing is of interest to both clusters and will offer opportunities for future research to be developed jointly.

Other key areas for research collaboration are cancer, medical technologies and e-health. The organisations also identified opportunities in the sharing of services such as clinical trials and analytical support. The clusters plan to use joint working to open the gates to increased levels of European research funding, as many of these funding sources require partnership working.

The Life Sciences Hub Wales was launched in July this year to create a vibrant life sciences ecosystem and to bring together academic, business, clinical, professional services and funding organisations.

Life Sciences Hub Wales’ board member Dr Grahame Guilford said, “Working together will benefit both of us, as we learn from each other and partner on key research projects. We’re both eager to develop ideas together and involve more organisations. Collaboration is a key aim of the hub, and this is a perfect example of how partnering can improve research and innovation and ultimately help to improve human health.”

Dr Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, Executive Vice President of the Medicon Village, said: “We have been extremely impressed with the sector here in Wales. We have seen world-class research and enjoyed the collaborative spirit of everyone we have met.

“This collaboration has been established to support mutual growth, and we have seen a strong commitment from Ministerial level right through to the businesses across the sector. Wales in particular has a real openness and enthusiasm to work together and our joint strategies will help build further opportunities.”

Based in Lund, Sweden, Medicon Village encourages researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to work together to improve people’s health and wellbeing. With over 1,100 people and more than 100 organisations working on the site, the cluster works in many areas of the life sciences sector but has particular strengths in cancer research.

The Medicon Village team met, amongst others, representatives from Welsh Government, Cardiff University, the Institute of Life Science in Swansea, Cardiff Biotechnology Services, Health Research Wales, Biotec and GE Healthcare.

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