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Prostate cancer diagnosed from tissue sample in 90 seconds
The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) in Dresden has developed a
device that can identify cancerous prostate tissue from a biopsy within one and a half minutes by using laser stimulated fluorescence. 14 Nov 2014

New technique to test for prostate cancer
A team of researchers at Guangdong Medical College in China has demonstrated the potential of a new test to detect prostate cancer combining surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with a new technique called support vector machine (SVM). 9 Sept 2014

Miniature kidney dialysis machine can properly treat newborns for the first time
Italian scientists have developed a miniaturised kidney dialysis machine capable of treating the smallest babies, and have for the first time used it to safely treat a newborn baby with multiple organ failure. 14 Jul 2014

£3.6m competition to develop kidney care technology
The UK Department of Health and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has launched a £3.6m fund to find new technologies associated with kidney disease. 23 Oct 2013

Cook Medical introduces Holmium laser system for urological procedures
Cook Medical has announced that its  H-30 Holmium urology laser system is available in the United States and Europe. 19 Aug 2013

Personalising PSA test using genetic tests could improve prostate cancer diagnosis
Testing for genetic variants that can increase serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) concentrations could avoid unnecessary biopsies for some men and eliminate false complacency for others. 25 Apr 2013

Sutton Hospital invests in shockwave technology to treat kidney stones
The device uses shockwave technology to break apart the stones until they are small enough for a patient to pass in their urine. This avoids the use of invasive surgery or general anaesthetic. 20 Mar 2013

Elastography shows promise for detecting cancers without biopsy
Researchers from the University of Oslo and Beaujon University Hospital in Paris are to start clinical trials of a new method for detecting cancer that measures the elasticity of body tissue. 18 Feb 2013

New model helps predict chance of surgical cure for prostate cancer
Prostate cancer experts have developed an updated version of a statistical model, called the Partin Tables, which helps assess the chance of a surgical cure for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. 9 Jan 2013

Ultrasound test to replace invasive biopsy for liver fibrosis in NHS
A non-invasive ultrasound test is set to reduce the need for liver biopsy across the NHS, saving over £500 on each test, following a guide published by the NHS Technology Assessment Centre (NTAC).

Quality of French men's semen falling
The concentration of sperm in French men’s semen was in steady decline from 1989-2005 and there has been a decrease in the number of normally formed sperm. 6 Dec 2012

Fourth new successful drug for prostate cancer treatment in two years
Clinical trials have shown the drug enzalutamide can significantly extend life and improve quality of life in men with advanced prostate cancer. 15 Aug 2012

Electronic sensor can detect prostate cancer cells
Scientists at the Barcelona University have developed the main components of a biosensor containing several hundred nanometric sized optoacoustic biosensors and that can detect cancer cells in urine. 4 June 2012

Better treatment urgently needed for end-stage kidney disease patients
A quarter of end-stage kidney disease patients in Europe do not feel involved in the decisions made about their own treatment choices. 24 May 2012

Antimicrobial coating for catheters could reduce costs of infections
An antimicrobial coating made from positively charged compounds is being developed at Manchester University to reduce infections from catheters.

Boston Scientific launches gel to prevent stone migration in urologic procedures
Boston Scientific has launched BackStop Gel, a new technology designed to prevent stone migration during procedures used to break up and retrieve urinary stones. 2 April 2012

D4D offers awards to develop assistive and renal technologies
Devices For Dignity (D4D) is offering £30,000 in a proof-of-concept competition designed to accelerate the development of promising ideas in the healthcare technology sector. 31 August 2011

A+PSA test gives better results in testing for prostate cancer
A new test for prostate cancer that measures levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) as well as six specific antibodies found in the blood of men with the disease was more sensitive and more specific than the conventional PSA test. 31 May 2011

New marker for prostate cancer gives hope for more accurate diagnosis than PSA test
Researchers at Uppsala University have discovered a promising new marker for diagnosing prostate cancer. Their unique method could lead to more reliable diagnoses and fewer unnecessary operations. 18 May 2011

New prostate cancer drug discovered by ICR approved by FDA
A drug for treating metastatic prostate cancer discovered at The ICR has been approved by the US FDA. Abiraterone acetate was invented by Professor Mike Jarman and his colleagues at the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit. 18 May 2011

Natural cell protein suppresses prostate cancer
Research at Imperial College London has found that a naturally occurring protein called FUS inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory, and activates pathways that lead to cell suicide. 22 Feb 2011

Microsulis sells microwave endometrial ablation technology to Hologic
Microsulis Medical Limited is to discontinue sales of its Microwave Endometrial Ablation system for gynaecology and female urology and has licensed the technology to Hologic Inc. 21 Feb 2011

Diffusion-weighted MRI shows promise in detecting advancing prostate cancer
An advanced type of magnetic resonance imaging — diffusion weighted MRI — could be used instead of an invasive biopsy to decide whether prostate cancer patients under active surveillance need treatment. 24 Jan 2011

Ultrasound shows if prostate cancer biopsy or operation is necessary
A new technique that uses microbubbles to highlight prostate cancer in ultrasound images has the potential to assess how aggressive prostate tumours are and indicate appropriate treatment. 21 Dec 2010

Prostate cell regulating protein can transform healthy cells into cancer
The protein, called Bmi-1, has a crucial role in regulating the self-renewal of normal prostate stem cells. It has now been found to aid the transformation of healthy cells into prostate cancer cells. 9 Dec 2010

PSA blood test predicts risk of death from prostate cancer
The PSA blood test commonly used to test for prostate cancer can accurately predict the risk that a 60 year old man will die from prostate cancer within the next 25 years. 23 Sept 2010

Natural orifice surgery removes cancerous prostate through penis
Urologists at Mayo Clinic in Arizona have developed a new surgical procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer through the urethra, so that there is no incision on the body. [Includes video] 12 August 2010

Prostate cancer seed cells discovered
New treatments for prostate cancer could result from the discovery that basal cells found in benign prostate tissue can turn into cancer cells. 30 July 2010

Siemens Uroskop images entire urinary tract with single exposure
The new dynamic flat detector technology of UROSKOP Omnia enables the urologist to cover the entire urinary tract (kidney, ureter, bladder) with only one single exposure of exceptional image quality. 22 April 2010

HD 3D view in robotic surgery for prostate cancer compensates for lack of touch
Robotic surgical technology with its three-dimensional, high-definition view gives surgeons the sensation of touch, even as they operate from a remote console. Outcomes compare favourably with traditional invasive surgery. 21 April 2010

Siemens expands Clinitek point of care urinalysis porfolio
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has launched the Clinitek Status+ Analyser and the Clinitek Status Connect System for urinalysis and pregnancy testing at the point of care. 2 April 2010

US HIFU to fund investigation of focal therapy for prostate cancer in UK
The study, which will evaluate quality of life outcomes and safety of focal therapy in the treatment of localized prostate cancer will involve four centers initially and may expand to as many as 10 centres in the UK. 9 Mar 2010

Breakthrough in real time tracking of prostate motion during arc radiotherapy
US and Danish researchers have devised a method for ‘real-time’ tracking of the prostate motion that shows promise in paving the way for advanced clinical treatments. 9 Mar 2010

Similar outcomes from open and laparoscopic prostate surgery
Researchers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York compared outcomes in a population based cohort of almost 6000 men 66 years of age or older with clinically localized prostate cancer. 23 Feb 2010

Genetic abnormalities predict prostate cancer survival
The combination of three genetic abnormalities significantly impacts how long a prostate cancer patient is likely to survive with the disease, according to scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). 22 Feb 2010

MR spectroscopy can locate sperm in infertile men non-invasively
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used to determine if men with no sperm in their ejaculate still have sperm in their testes. It may remove the need for invasive procedures. 9 Feb 2010

First evidence of virus in prostate cancer cells
A type of virus known to cause leukemia and sarcomas in animals has been found for the first time in malignant human prostate cancer cells. If it is proven to cause the cancer it would open opportunities for developing diagnostic tests, vaccines, and therapies for treatment. 11 Sep 2009

Three-way measurement improves prediction of prostate cancer return
Cancer experts at Johns Hopkins University in the US have shown that a three-way combination of measurements has the best chance yet of predicting prostate disease metastasis. 24 July 2009

Combined drug, hormone and radiation treatment cures prostate cancer
An experimental drug therapy used in combination with standardized hormone treatment and radiation therapy has enabled two patients, whose prostate cancer had been considered inoperable, to become cancer free. 8 July 2009

Focused ultrasound offers better treatment for prostate cancer
An experimental treatment that uses ultrasound waves to kill prostate cancer cells may be able to treat men without surgery, with fewer side effects and with only a short stay in hospital, according to a UK study published in the British Journal of Cancer. 2 July 2009

Prostate cancer translational research in Europe: the search for biomarkers continues
Collaboration in prostate cancer translational research in Europe is not only vital to sustain the progress achieved in recent years but also to streamline current efforts between researchers and clinicians and avoid duplication or overlaps. 29 June 2009

Rapid prostate cancer test based on citrate levels in prostate samples
Researchers from the Universities of Durham and Maryland have developed a test that uses light to measure citrate levels in samples from the prostate gland. The technique could provide the basis of a rapid means of detecting prostate cancer. 3 June 2009

European Association of Urology position statement on screening for prostate cancer
Based on the results of the European Randomised Study for Screening of Prostate Cancer (ERSPC), the EAU has formulated a position statement regarding prostate cancer screening in Europe, and the subsequent actions to be taken by health professionals and health authorities. 24 April 2009

Leicester University wins £320,000 grant to study magnetic nanoparticles for treatment of prostate cancer
The award will allow a multidisciplinary research team to design high-performance magnetic nanoparticles that target unique cell surface receptors present on the prostate tumour cell surface. 24 April 2009

BioImagene launches new Ki-67 algorithm for prostate image analysis
The algorithm is used to detect and provide quantitative measurement of the protein biomarker Ki-67. 9 April 2009

Allium's bulbar stent provides option to treat patients with strictures
Allium Group's urethral bulbar stent enables urologists who are not experts in urethral reconstructive surgery to treat patients with recurrent strictures by inserting the urethral bulbar stent as an office outpatient procedure. 25 March 2009

Mixed messages from prostate cancer screening studies
Early data reported from the US PLCO study found there was no early mortality benefit from annual prostate cancer screening. Alternatively, long-term data from the ERSPC study show that screening reduced the rate of mortality by 20%. 23 March 2009

Prostate cancer screening could cut deaths by 20%
Screening for prostate cancer can reduce deaths by 20%, according to the results of the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC), the world's largest prostate cancer screening study. 23 March 2009

Freezing prostate cancer as effective as surgery
Male lumpectomy, a minimally invasive interventional radiology treatment for prostate cancer, is as effective as surgery in destroying diseased tumours according to studies released at a meeting of the the Society of Interventional Radiology. 19 March 2009

PSA test may be unnecessary for older men
Certain men age 75 to 80 are unlikely to benefit from routine prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing, according to a study by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 23 February 2009

New indicator of prostate cancer discovered
Researchers from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have discovered that the presence of the chemical sarcosine appears to indicate aggressive prostate cancer. 11 February 2009

Johnson Medtech’s non-magnetic motors power world’s first MRI-guided prostate cancer treatment device
Johnson Medtech has announced its participation in creating the world’s first MRI-compatible image-guided tumour treatment device with Profound Medical Inc.(PMI). This revolutionary tissue coagulation device is expected to treat prostate cancer in a fraction of the time and cost of existing methods. 28 January 2009

Optimized radiation for prostate cancer therapy
In a cooperative study with Innsbruck Medical University and the East-Vienna Center of Social Medicine, two physicists of Vienna University of Technology (TU), evaluated the mean deviation of radiation parameters for prostate cancers and compared various sources of radiation. 23 October 2008 Deutsch

New catheter-less technique may ease pain and discomfort after prostate cancer surgery
An innovative and patient-friendly approach that eliminates the use of a penile urinary catheter can ease the pain of recovery following prostate cancer surgery. The new patentable technique, used in conjunction with robotic prostatectomy (the surgical removal of the prostate) eliminates the pain and discomfort associated with the standard catheter. 16 October 2008

Demand for urinary incontinence devices in Europe growing due to patient demand
The European urinary incontinence market is facing challenges such as lack of sufficient clinical safety studies and price pressures due to intense competition. However, rising awareness among the target patient population and the introduction of innovative devices and techniques are sustaining market expansion. 29 September 2008

Gyrus ACMI launches lightweight digital nephroscope
Gyrus ACMI, a subsidiary of Olympus, has launched the Smith Digital Percutaneous Nephroscope which features an ultra-miniature 1 mm CMOS imaging sensor. 28 September 2008

Urinary abnormality successfully treated with robot-assisted surgery
Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery has been successfully used to repair abnormal openings between the bladder and vagina known as fistulas, it is reported in the online version of the Journal of Urology. 8 September 2008

New prostate cancer molecular test ready for commercialization
US company Health Discovery Corporation has announced the completion of a Phase III double-blind clinical trial of a new gene-based molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer. The company says the test is ready for commercialization to be used by physicians on their patients at risk of having prostate cancer. 27 August 2008

Prostate cryotherapy treatment available in UK
Prostate cryotherapy has recently been approved by the European Association of Urologists (EAU) and has been used widely in the United States for many years. It is now available in the UK at both NHS and private hospitals. 27 August 2008

Allium Medical expands stent distribution in Europe
Allium Medical Group has signed exclusive distribution deals for both its ureteral and biliary stents with MenkeMed for the German and Austrian markets and Ecce Dutoit for the Belgian, Dutch and Luxemburgian (Benelux) markets. 14 July 2008

Minimally invasive prostate cancer treatments underused in US and Europe
A survey by Millennium Research Group (MRG) of over 140 US and European-based urologists suggests that several minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment options are underused in both the US and Europe. 4 July 2008

Cryotherapy option for prostate cancer treatment 
Galil Medical has announced that the American Urological Association has introduced clinical guidelines with best practice statements for prostate cryotherapy. 23 May 2008

Identification of prostate cancer genes opens door to new treatments
For the first time researchers have identified the genetic profile of prostate cancer stem cells. The study by the YCR Cancer Research Unit at the University of York, England, and Pro-cure Therapeutics Ltd, could lead to new ways for treating the cancer. 22 May 2008

Microphone replaces catheter for detecting benign prostatic enlargement
The sound of urinary flow detected using a microphone placed behind the scrotum can measure the resistance placed on the urethra by an enlarged prostate. 15 May 2008

Open access journal on urology and urologic oncology launched
UroToday Inc. has launched UroToday International Journal (UIJ), a new online, peer-reviewed, fast-tracked urology and urologic oncology publication. 15 May 2008

Microwave treatments for enlarged prostate cause blood pressure surges
Many men who receive microwave therapy for enlarged prostates experience significant surges in blood pressure that could raise their risk of a heart attack or stroke, according to new research findings published recently in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 18 April 2008

CyberKnife delivers high dose brachytherapy for prostate cancer non-invasively
The CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system can serve as a non-invasive means for delivering high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy dosing, according to a new study. The study supports the system's clinical flexibility in treating prostate cancer and expands the non-invasive options available to clinicians and patients. 18 April 2008

Ultrasound diagnostic tool could improve non-invasive treatment of prostate cancer
HistoScanning, a novel processing technology for ultrasonography could improve the treatment and monitoring of prostate cancer and help avoid unnecessary invasive procedures. 17 October 2007

Metal-free motor makes robotic biopsies safe for use with MRI
Engineers at the Johns Hopkins Urology Robotics Lab have developed a motor without metal or electricity that can safely power remote-controlled robotic surgical tools used for cancer biopsies and therapies guided by magnetic resonance imaging. 17 April 2007

HIFU treatment for prostate cancer maintains 100% continence and potency
A study at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) using the Sonablate 500 high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) device to treat localised prostate cancer has found it completely effective in maintaining continence and potency. 3 April 2007

Siemens presents new lithotripter for mobile urology platform
Siemens has added the Modularis Variostar lithotripter to its Modularis urology platform. The module is suited to both overtable and undertable procedures and a complete range of new ergonomic features simplifies operation and daily work with the unit. 27 March 2007

B-K Medical introduces prostate transducer with two ultrasound functions
A new transrectal prostate transducer from B-K Medical combines the functionality of simultaneous biplane and endfire transducers in one. It enables urologists to examine any prostate in any plane with control and ease. 13 March 2007

Combination of radiation therapies more effective treatment for prostate cancer
Studies have shown that a combination of different radiotherapeutic methods are able to increase the efficacy of radiation for prostate cancer at an early stage. Combined hormone and radiation therapy has also been shown to benefit prostate cancer patients if they have a high risk of disease progression. 27 Oct 2006

Siemens introduces Modularis VarioStar lithotripsy system
The Modularis VarioStar is designed to offer the highest flexibility in patient positioning and treatment, and to provide new ergonomic features for clinicians. 29 August 2006

Bristol Hospital offers Sonablate prostate cancer treatment on fee-per-use basis
Southmead Hospital, part of North Bristol NHS Trust in England, will offer high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment of prostate cancer using the Sonablate 500 on a fee-per-use basis, joining 40 sites in the UK that can make the treatment more widely available. 5 July 2006

Italian National Cancer Institute chooses Ablatherm-HIFU to treat prostate cancer
The Italian National Cancer Institute, Centro Referimento Oncologico (CRO), in cooperation with Pordenone Hospital in Aviano has chosen the Ablatherm-HIFU technology from EDAP TMS S.A. for the treatment of prostate cancer. 23 May 2006

Medtronic announces clinical trials strategy for neurological and urological therapies
Medtronic will invest in at least six new major clinical trials of therapies that use its neuromodulation or radiofrequency technology to treat a range of neurological and urological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, depression, chronic pain, severe spasticity. 1 May 2006

Ten years of high intensity focused ultrasound treatment for prostate cancer
EDAP presented 10-year Ablatherm - HIFU European experiences and a review of results of treatments dating back to 1995 at a special dedicated symposium during the European Association of Urology conference in Paris, 5-8 April. 23 April 2006

Robotic prostatectomy protects sexual function
A year-long study by Henry Ford Hospital found patients who underwent a robotic radical prostatectomy had significantly better erectile function outcomes than those who received conventional nerve-sparing surgery without compromising cancer control. 11 January 2006

Photoselective vaporisation of the prostate shown to be effective treatment for BPH
A study on the long-term outcomes of men treated with photoselective vaporisation of the prostate (PVP) for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) using the Laserscope GreenLight (TM) laser system has shown significant and sustainable improvements in the outcomes of patients. 28 September 2005

Microwave device treats enlarged prostates faster, safer and effectively as surgery
Prostalund, a Swedish developer and manufacturer of medical devices, announced its CoreTherm medical device that uses minimally invasive, temperature-controlled, microwave thermotherapy to treat an enlarged prostate. 28 May 2005

25th birthday of lithotripsy system
9 February 2005 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first successful treatment of a patient using Dornier's lithotripsy systems. This method is easy on the patient, making open surgical operations superfluous, and it has revolutionized the treatment of patients suffering from the stone. February 2005

Un'innovazione celebra il suo 25esimo compleanno

Se celebra el 25 aniversario de una innovación científica

Le 25e anniversaire d'une solution novatrice

Siemens launch new lithotripsy system: Lithoskop, a multifunctional lithotripter for almost any urological application. January 2005

Neues Lithotripsiesystem für nahezu alle urologischen Anwendungen. Januar 2005

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