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LGC’s genotyping technology used to study genetic basis for anticoagulation therapy
Researchers from six European countries will ake part in in the two-year trial, which aims to demonstrate that a patient’s genotype plays an important role in the effective prescribing of anticoagulation (anti-blood-clotting) drugs such as Warfarin. 28 Feb 2011

New wheel design aids rehabilitation of wheelchair users
The new wheel design is being used to study wheelchair designs that can protect users from upper limb injury caused by the physical wear of using wheelchairs. 28 Feb 2011

No increase in brain cancer during increase in mobile phone use in UK
Researchers from the University of Manchester used publicly available data from the UK Office of National Statistics to look at trends in rates of newly diagnosed brain cancers in England between 1998 and 2007 and found no significant change. 22 Feb 2011

GE Healthcare completes acquisition of Orbotech Medical Solutions
GE has completed the acquisition of Orbotech Medical Solutions, a manufacturer of cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectors used in GE Healthcare’s Alcyone nuclear medicine technology. 22 Feb 2011

The CASPro blood pressure deviceWrist-worn device to revolutionise blood pressure measurement
A new method of measuring blood pressure by recording the pulse wave in the wrist gives a more accurate reading than the traditional arm cuff and has the potential to enable doctors to treat their patients more effectively. 22 Feb 2011

Bioject to provide needle-free injector for Global Polio Eradication Initiative study
Bioject Medical Technologies Inc, a developer of needle-free injection systems, has announced its support for clinical research of intradermal delivery of vaccines in developing-country immunization programs. 22 Feb 2011

Enzybel joins US Science Center Port Business Incubator
Enzybel International, a Belgian company dedicated to the production and commercialization of natural compounds, has established a US office at the University City Science Center’s Port Business Incubator in Philadelphia. 22 Feb 2011

Agilent Technologies and GE Healthcare join WIN consortium
The Worldwide Innovative Networking in Personalized cancer medicine Consortium is a joint initiative from the Institut Gustave Roussy and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. 22 Feb 2011

Physio-Control and BeneChill partner to market therapeutic hypothermia system
Physio-Control, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medtronic and BeneChill, Inc a pioneer in portable therapeutic cooling systems have formed a strategic partnership to launch the RhinoChill IntraNasal Cooling System in Europe. 22 Feb 2011

Creganna-Tactx Medical and BBA in partnership to provide medical device consulting services
The partnership will provide Creganna-Tactx Medical customers with dedicated access to clinical, regulatory and quality expertise and consulting services. 22 Feb 2011

Natural cell protein suppresses prostate cancer
Research at Imperial College London has found that a naturally occurring protein called FUS inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory, and activates pathways that lead to cell suicide. 22 Feb 2011

NHS trusts adopt iSOFT's path lab reporting tool to improve efficiency
Two UK hospital trusts have installed the CorVu laboratory management reporting tool from iSOFT’s to improve pathology department performance. 21 Feb 2011

Tumours treated with chemotherapy drugs guided and measured by MR imaging
Royal Philips Electronics and Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a method of MRI-guided chemotherapy delivery to tumours to improve treatment without increasing adverse side effects. 21 Feb 2011

No advantage in infection control from short-sleeved hospital garments
A study by researchers at the University of Colorado has found no difference in contamination of long- and short-sleeved shirts, or on the skin at the wearers’ wrists after an eight-hour day. 21 Feb 2011

Microsulis sells microwave endometrial ablation technology to Hologic
Microsulis Medical Limited is to discontinue sales of its Microwave Endometrial Ablation system for gynaecology and female urology and has licensed the technology to Hologic Inc. 21 Feb 2011

Partek and Ion Torrent in partnership to distribute genomics software
Bioinformatics developer Partek Incorporated has signed a distribution agreement with Ion Torrent Systems, to make the Partek Genomics Suite available directly through Ion Torrent’s online store.

Rapid advances in gene sequencing using Ion Torrent PGM sequencer
Life Technologies has announced that just six weeks following the launch of its sequencer, independent researchers have presented data generated with the system. 21 Feb 2011

A computer designed knee replacementConforMIS customisable total knee replacement system wins FDA clearance
US company ConforMIS has received US FDA clearance to market its iTotal CR knee-replacement system, a patient-specific system for patients who would traditionally receive a standard total knee replacement. 21 Feb 2011

CLC Workbench v4.5 supports paired-end data for RNA-sequencing
CLC bio has upgraded its software for genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics analysis to support the use of paired-end data for RNA-seq. 21 Feb 2011

Four Italian hospitals treat cancer patients with BSD's microwave ablation system
The MicroThermX microwave ablation system uses synchronous phased array technology to provide larger and more uniform zones of cancer tissue ablation during a single procedure. 21 Feb 2011

Nasally delivered stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s improves motor control
Stem cells, delivered intranasally, have been found to substantially improve motor function in Parkinson’s disease. 21 Feb 2011

Bruker launches portable toxin identification system
The benchtop, push-button pTD system is intended for smaller, field and mobile laboratories for use by non-expert operators in homeland security applications. 17 Feb 2011

Medtronic starts shipping MRI-safe pacemaker in US
Medtronic, Inc. has announced the immediate availability in the US of its Revo MRI SureScan MRI-safe pacemaker, following FDA approval. 17 Feb 2011

Sanofi Aventis in US$20bn takeover of Genzyme
Genzyme will expand Sanofi Aventis' presence in biotechnology and will become its global center for excellence in rare diseases. 16 Feb 2011

DRC Computer Corp sets world record for analysing gene sequences
DRC has achieved a world record of 9.4 trillion cell updates per second and also drastically reduced the cost of gene sequence analysis using its microprocessors and Microsoft Windows HPC Server. 16 Feb 2011

Akonni Biosystems launches TruSentry for rapid genetic screening of diseases
TruSentry brings together Tecan’s Freedom EVO 200 liquid handling system with Akonni’s TruTip technology for ultra-rapid sample extraction and TruArray microarray platform for low-cost, highly-multiplexed screening. 16 Feb 2011

St Jude Medical launches ViewMate Z intracardiac echocardiography system
The ViewMate Z system is designed for real-time image guidance and visualization of the cardiac anatomy. 16 Feb 2011

Deep brain stimulation shows promise for treating deep depression
Electrical stimulation of targeted areas in the brain has shown promise for treating patients with the most severe form of depression. 16 Feb 2011

First patient trials of DNA vaccine for leukaemia
A new DNA vaccine to treat leukaemia that has been developed by scientists from the University of Southampton is being trialled on patients for the first time in the UK. 16 Feb 2011

Mature heart muscle cells created directly from skin cellsSkin cells converted directly into beating heart cells
The Scripps Research Institute has converted adult skin cells directly into beating heart cells efficiently without having to first go through the laborious, time consuming and highly inefficient process of generating embryonic-like stem cells. 16 Feb 2011

MRSA screening in ICU saves hospitals money
Even under the most conservative assumptions the screening would be cost-neutral if early detection of MRSA would lead to a reduced rate of infection and transmission within the hospital. 16 Feb 2011

First atrial fibrillation ablation cases for contact force sensing catheter
Biosense Webster has completed the first clinical cases in the EU with the new ThermoCool SmartTouch contact force sensing catheter, following recent CE Mark approval. 15 Feb 2011

Care UK expands diagnostic imaging services to UK GP commissioning consortia
Care UK has expanded its capability to provide imaging services to GP consortia through the acquisition of an 80% stake in medical imaging company SMI Ltd. 15 Feb 2011

Nano4Life 2011: converging nanotechnology with life sciences
The UK Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network is holding its Nano4Life 2011 annual conference on 24 February in London with the theme: converging nanotechnology with the life science industry. 15 Feb 2011

First 3-D map of invertebrate nervous system
A team of neurobiologists from the University of Freiburg has created the first complete map of all axons that use dopamine as a messenger in a vertebrate, in this case a Zebra fish. 14 Feb 2011

Force feedback helps train surgeons in keyhole surgery
A prototype keyhole surgery instrument that sends feedback to the surgeon through the handle to give a measure of force used could help reduce the number of complications following keyhole surgery. 14 Feb 2011

First patient in Africa treated with RapidArc radiotherapy
A 66-year-old prostate cancer patient has become the first person in Africa to be treated using RapidArc technology from Varian Medical Systems. 14 Feb 2011

COMED project produces documentaries on European medical research
COMED has released nine science documentaries on selected medical research projects funded by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme (FP7). 14 Feb 2011

Web portal to track medical product deliveries across Europe
PODXchange is a web portal that enables companies to track deliveries of products and proof of delivery signatures from different carriers. 14 Feb 2011

Jane Rutterford, a retired mother of two from Essex, wearing the E-MAG Active leg braceElectronic leg brace gives polio patient new mobility
A 63-year-old woman suffering from muscular paralysis as a result of childhood polio has become the first UK patient to wear a revolutionary, electronically controlled leg brace that helps restore or maintain mobility. 14 Feb 2011


Biotage announces new methods for extraction of key compounds
Biotage has introduced a new series of application notes utilizing the industry-standard RapidTrace SPE Workstation. 14 Feb 2011

Complex regulatory system causing decline in pharmaceutical industry innovation
The closure of Pfizer’s Sandwich Laboratory in the UK is part of a long-term decline in drug development that has been affecting all major pharmaceutical multinationals. The lengthy and expensive regulatory system that now applies to most products of the life sciences is causing innovation failure. 7 Feb 2011

Enzyme playing key role in breast cancer also affects bowel cancer growth
The enzyme lysyl oxidase (LOX) which plays a key role in the spread of breast cancer is also important in bowel cancer growth and spread so could also be targeted using an existing drug that reduces LOX. 7 Feb 2011

UK government launches bowel cancer awareness campaign
The ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign is being piloted in two regions and if successful will be rolled out across the country. Adverts will appear on TV, radio and in newspapers for seven weeks. 7 Feb 2011

Dogs can detect scent of early stage bowel cancer
Dogs can detect the scent of bowel cancer in both breath and stool samples with a very high degree of accuracy, even in the early stages of the disease. 7 Feb 2011

STI Capital acquires Cardionetics
Cardionetics Limited specialises in the development of advanced algorithms for ECG analysis and this acquisition gives STI a ready-made range of handheld ECG devices. 7 Feb 2011

DBV Technologies closes US$25.5m financing round
The company's products are designed to epicutaneously (via a skin patch) deliver allergens for epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT) against food allergies such as peanut and milk. 7 Feb 2011

VAXIMM secures a further CHF7.8m private financing
Swiss biotech firm and Merck KGaA spin-off VAXIMM AG closed a private financing round totalling CHF7.8 million from new and existing investors in January. 7 Feb 2011

An 8.5 degree improvement after Vision Restoration TherapyComputer-based therapy gives dramatic improvement to stroke-based blindness
NovaVision has found that nearly 90% of patients using its therapy cited at least one improvement in functionality and 88% noted a considerable improvement in overall quality of life. 7 Feb 2011

EyeBrain launches eye-tracking device for diagnosis of Parkinson-plus diseases
The device offers early diagnosis for a number of neurological diseases based on eye movements of patients, is non-invasive and costs less than regularly used imaging techniques such as MRI. 7 Feb 2011

DHL wins US and Brazilian approval for European contract manufacturing
DHL Supply Chain’s Contract Manufacturing operation in The Netherlands has passed GMP audits with the US FDA and the Brazilian FDA ANVISA. 7 Feb 2011

Oxford Medical Diagnostics adds Prof Graham Richards to Science Advisory Panel
Professor Richards, head of the Centre for Computational Drug Discovery at Oxford University, brings his considerable expertise in life sciences and developing technology-based start-up companies. 7 Feb 2011

Queen’s Hospital brings allergy testing in-house with Siemens Immulite system
The biochemistry team integrated the testing alongside routine work on the existing Immulite 2000 System from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics by utilising the Siemens 3gAllergy test. 7 Feb 2011

Two Fold Software improves data entry options for Qualoupe LIMS
The company is releasing new software that enables the company’s Qualoupe LIMS user interface to display results parameters with more clarity and flexibility. 7 Feb 2011

Telemis expands in Italy with acquisition of Micromedica
Belgian medical imaging systems developer Telemis has further consolidated its position in Italy with the acquisition of Micromedica Ltd, one of the country’s leading PACS vendors. 7 Feb 2011

Aureus Pharma changes name to Aureus Sciences
Aureus Pharma has changed it name and launched a new web portal to bring better access to its range of advanced drug discovery tools and knowledge. 7 Feb 2011

Microvisk secures £6 million to launch world’s first diagnostic SmartStrip
SmartStrip is a disposable strip that uses embedded sensors to work out the clotting speed of blood from a finger prick sample and the results are displayed on a handheld reader. 4 Feb 2011

Microfluidics announces PureNano as brand name of MRT technology applications
Microfluidics has rebranded its innovative MRT nanoparticle creation technology as the PureNano platform, featuring the PureNano Continuous Crystallizer. 4  Feb 2011

Siemens launches FAST CARE platform for lower dose CT scanning
The platform automates many operating procedures, allowing for simpler image acquisition, preparation, reconstruction and diagnosis to also improve CT operator workflow. 4 Feb 2011

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