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May 2005

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Medtronic supports new European guidelines on use of ICDs and CRT as heart failure therapies
Under the new ESC heart-failure guidelines, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) have been designated Class I for indicated heart failure patients, which means they are recognized as standard-of-care treatments for many heart failure patients already on optimal medical therapy. 29 May 2005

Philips Medical Systems North America appoints new CEO
Philips Medical Systems, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, has appointed Brent Shafer as executive vice president and CEO, sales and service region for North America. Shafer will help capitalize on the company's breadth of products and technologies to continue growth and increase overall market share. 29 May 2005

Defibrillators, spinal products and insulin pumps fuel record revenues for Medtronic
Medtronic recorded fiscal year revenues of $10.055 billion compared to $9.087 billion generated in fiscal 2004. Fiscal fourth quarter revenues rose to $2.778 billion from the $2.665 billion reported in the fourth quarter one year ago. 28 May 2005

Microwave device treats enlarged prostates faster, safer and effectively as surgery
Prostalund, a Swedish developer and manufacturer of medical devices, announced its CoreTherm medical device that uses minimally invasive, temperature-controlled, microwave thermotherapy to treat an enlarged prostate. CoreTherm effectively treats patients in 10-15 minutes, produces results equivalent to surgery, and is safer than surgery with significantly fewer serious adverse events. 28 May 2005

Defibrillators help explain mystery of emotionally triggered sudden cardiac arrest
The electrical characteristics of anger-triggered arrhythmias are more disorganised and unstable than arrhythmias unrelated to emotional events, giving a possible clue explaining why sudden cardiac arrest increases in people during stressful times. 21 May 2005

Biosense Webster software provides more precise imaging and navigation of the heart
The software enables electrophysiologists to create 3-D electroanatomical maps to give a more precise view of the heart, allowing them to better navigate catheters to targeted points within the heart. 21 May 2005

Philips introduces new IntelliVue wireless telemetry system for patient monitoring
Royal Philips Electronics' new IntelliVue Telemetry System features bidirectional communication between patient-worn transceivers and bedside monitors, and a central station with remote clinician access using cellular technology in the 1.4GHz WMTS band. 19 May 2005

Medtronic streamlines clinician access to cardiac device data with wireless communications
Medtronic has announced three major advances that help streamline use of important cardiac data. The company has received US FDA approval to distribute a wireless-enabled, in-clinic device programmer, the Medtronic CareLink programmer which will enable wireless communication with implanted devices and high-speed data connectivity using the MICS radiofrequency band. 19 May 2005

Public consultation for the proposed revision to the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. 15 May 2005

Medtronic evaluates remote monitoring of heart activity, weight and blood pressure in heart failure patients
Medtronic has begun a U.S. pilot evaluation with Carematix, Inc. to assess the efficacy and convenience of remotely monitoring physiological heart data, weight and blood pressure in the management of heart failure. 14 May 2005

Biophan releases additional data on pacemaker and defibrillator lead heating
Research by Biophan Technologies has revealed that the most prevalent heating occurs not at the electrode tip of a lead, but actually a short distance away from the electrode tip, in the tissue itself. 14 May 2005

Biophan veröffentlicht neue Daten über Erwärmung von Schrittmacherkabeln
Biophan Technologies, Inc. ein Innovationsunternehmen, das biomedizinische Technologie der nächsten Generation entwickelt, veröffentlichte heute weitere technische Daten über seine Forschung über die Erwärmung von Kabeln von Schrittmachern und implantierbaren Defibrillatoren. 14 Mai 2005

Fonar sells first Upright MRI in Switzerland.
FONAR Corporation, the oldest MRI manufacturer, has sold its first Upright(TM) MRI in Switzerland, and its third in Europe, to FMRI Zentrum AG of Zurich. 14 May 2005

Siemens showcases new portable ultrasound system
Siemens Medical Solutions is highlighting the all-digital Sonoline G40 ultrasound system at the 53rd annual clinical meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, May 9 - 11, San Francisco.  11 May 2005

Advanced colonography reaches milestone in Liège clinic
GE Healthcare announced the 1000th CT colonography exam at the Clinique Saint-Joseph, Liège, Belgium. The AdvantageCTC allows a 360-degree dissection view of the colon as an  alternative to the standard 2D or 3D reading approach. 11 May 2005

Xograph partners with Planmeca to deliver digital dental X-ray systems
Xograph Imaging Systems has signed an agreement with Finland based Planmeca to promote and support its range of digital dental X-ray equipment to hospitals in the UK and Republic of Ireland. 10 May 2005

New medical ultrasound drivers deliver deeper body tissue imaging capability
Supertex has introduced a low switch resistance, low charge injection, 8-channel, high-voltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) that is perfectly suited for use in medical ultrasound imaging applications 9 May 2005.

Ultrasonix launches Sonix SP ultrasound system
The Sonix SP is suitable for a broad range of clinical applications and provides a balance of performance and affordability. 9 May 2005

Siemens introduces revolutionary nuclear cardiology imaging system
Siemens Medical Solutions has announced that its c.cam — a unique, reclining dedicated cardiac gamma camera system — will be available for the European market. 4 May 2005

Dynamic examinations of cervical spine possible for the first time with NeuroSwing
The NeuroswingNeuroSwing provides the ability to perform dynamic imaging of the cervical spine in daily routine diagnostics. All cervical spine movements relevant to the examination can be realized with a single device, without retrofitting or repositioning the patient. 4 May 2005

MRI technology enables non-invasive imaging of implantable blood filters to prevent pulmonary embolism
Biophan Technologies has announced that a new round of experimental tests have demonstrated the ability of the company's proprietary technology to enable MRIs of Vena Cava filters. Vena Cava filters are implanted in the Vena Cava of some patients undergoing surgery to capture and trap blood clots that have the potential to cause embolisms. 1 May 2005

University of Florida students build smaller, smarter heart pump
The miniaturised heart pump  could become a life-saving alternative for patients waiting in long lines for scarce donor hearts. The device has novel pumping technology that makes it smaller and smarter than currently available ventricular assist devices. 1 May 2005


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