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Haitian cholera genome decoded and identified as South Asian strain
Scientists from Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. and Harvard Medical School have produced the first whole genome sequence analysis and most detailed genetic profile to date of the pathogen responsible for the Haitian cholera outbreak. 21 Dec 2010

Accovion expands presence in Europe
Accovion, a German company specialising in managing and conducting international clinical trials, has established two additional subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Russia. 21 Dec 2010

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Philips partnerships accelerate development of magnetic particle imaging
Philips has initiated a German public-private partnership to develop whole-body magnetic particle imaging (MPI) systems and preclinical hybrid systems that combine MPI with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 21 Dec 2010

CLC bio and Ingenuity Systems integrate pathway and genomics analysis systems
US life sciences software developer Ingenuity Systems and Danish bioinformatics company CLC bio are collaborating to provide interoperability between their software systems. 21 Dec 2010

Celulas Genetica to patent breakthrough stem cell treatment for liver disease
Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (EHSI) has announced that its newly acquired biotechnology division Celulas Genetica will submit an international patent application for the Rutherford Procedure, a revolutionary new stem-cell treatment for liver disease. 21 Dec 2010

New light-activated platinum compound more effective at killing cancer cells
A newly discovered light-activated platinum-based compound is up to 80 times more powerful than other platinum-based anti-cancer drugs and can be used to kill cancer cells in a much more targeted way than similar treatments. 21 Dec 2010

ChipDX discovers genetic signature for early-stage colon cancer
ChipDX LLC has discovered and validated a genetic signature for early-stage colon cancer and is developing an online screening application to enable clinicians to more accurately identify risk of recurrence.

Weekend and holiday admissions to hospital increase risk of death
Patients treated by Welsh hospitals for upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding were 41% more likely die if they were admitted on a public holiday and 13% more likely if it was at the weekend. 21 Dec 2010

Antibiotic resistant genes should be recognised as environmental pollution
Drug development cannot keep up with the spread of antibiotic resistance, therefore it is important to take effective measures to restrict the leakage of antibiotics into the environment. 21 Dec 2010

Ultrasound shows if prostate cancer biopsy or operation is necessary
A new technique that uses microbubbles to highlight prostate cancer in ultrasound images has the potential to assess how aggressive prostate tumours are and indicate appropriate treatment. 21 Dec 2010

Low-tech screening for cervical cancer saves lives of HIV-infected women in Zambia
A new study undertaken in Zambia shows that, using setting-appropriate human resources and technology, morbidity and mortality from cervical cancer among HIV-infected women can be reduced. 16 Dec 2010

MDxHealth renews methylation biomarker agreement with Veridex
MDxHealth SA has renewed its agreement with Veridex for the use of certain of its proprietary DNA methylation products in blood testing for colorectal cancer and prostate cancer screening. 16 Dec 2010

Bio Nano Consulting expands into China
Bio Nano Consulting (BNC), specialists in bio and nanotechnology partnerships between the academic and industrial sectors, has signed up two prominent academics based at China’s Tsinghua University to its pool of consultants. 16 Dec 2010

Science Warehouse to supply transaction management systems to Eurofins Scientific
Science Warehouse will provide its purchasing and transaction management solutions to the eight Eurofins Scientific sites across the UK. 16 Dec 2010

Future Science Group launches Clinical Investigation journal
Coverage spans all therapeutic areas and relates to conventional small-molecule drugs as well as biotech-derived therapeutic entities, including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, antisense, cell and gene therapies and recombinant proteins. 16 Dec 2010

PETNET Solutions signs new contract with the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre
PETNET Solutions and The Paul Strickland Scanner Centre have renewed a PET radiopharmaceutical supply agreement. 16 Dec 2010

iSOFT moves into life sciences market
iSOFT Group Limited has moved into the life sciences market with software that extracts and de-identifies clinical data from electronic medical records for clinical research and other secondary uses. 16 Dec 2010

Plasticell and Sigma-Aldrich collaborate to develop novel stem cell differentiation protocols
Plasticell will own resulting protocols for high efficiency, directed differentiation of stem cells, with Sigma-Aldrich marketing the reporter stem cell lines. 10 Dec 2010

Philips introduces Ingenia digital broadband MRI system
Philips has introduced the Ingenia MRI system, the first to use digital broadband to improve the quality of the image. It delivers exceptional image clarity, scanning efficiency and scalability. 10 Dec 2010

Siemens FAST CARE CT platform sets new standards for dose reduction
FAST CARE is a new technology platform for CT scanners that helps hospital staff to perform CT examinations faster and more efficiently than before as well as keeping the dose for the patient as low as possible. 10 Dec 2010 Deutsch

Swedish project maps half of all human proteins
Once complete, the Human Protein Atlas will provide scientists with data that will help detect and treat some of the world’s most serious health problems. 10 Dec 2010

Vivacta secures further £4m financing to develop piezofilm diagnostics device
Vivacta’s innovative piezofilm technology platform enables the development of a new generation of point of care diagnostic products achieving performance equivalent to laboratory testing. 10 Dec 2010

St Jude 5-column neurostimulation leadSt Jude's five-column neurostimulation lead gains EU and Australian approval
St Jude Medical has received European CE and Australian approval for  its Penta surgical lead for neurostimulation therapy. 10 Dec 2010

Portable device for breast cancer screening moves closer to market
A new portable device that detects breast cancer based on tissue elasticity has come a step closer to market with its licensing by a medical device company. 10 Dec 2010

Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris selects Bruker's mass spectrometry biotyper
The Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP) has selected Bruker's IVD MALDI Biotyper as their MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry-based microbial identification tool. 10 Dec 2010

Biotronik launches eight new pacemaker models
The eight new models in its Estella and Effecta pacemaker series are built on Biotronik’s unified platform technology which enables the integration of key performance features across all lines. 10 Dec 2010  Deutsch

The iDrive surgical stapling systemCovidien receives US clearance for iDrive powered surgical stapling system
Covidien has received US FDA clearance for its iDrive powered surgical stapling system. This reusable stapling platform is battery-powered, enabling one-handed push-button operation of all primary controls. 10 Dec 2010

Merck gains novel insulin technology with acquisition of SmartCells
Merck is to acquire SmartCells, a private company developing a glucose responsive insulin formulation for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in a deal worth over US$500m. 10 Dec 2010

Genzyme completes sale of genetic testing business to LabCorp
Genzyme has completed the sale of Genzyme Genetics to Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings for $925 million in cash. 10 Dec 2010

Top ten healthcare technology hazards released by ECRI Institute
The ECRI Institute has released its 5th annual list of Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2011. The list features the top health technology hazards that warrant critical attention by hospitals and other healthcare organizations in the coming year. 10 Dec 2010

Hospital-wide safety program can lead to rapid improvement in safety culture
Rapid improvements in the culture of safety, even in a large complex hospital, can result from implementing a prescribed set of hospital-wide patient-safety programs. 10 Dec 2010

DARPA awards Georgia Tech $4.3m to develop biochemical sensors
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded the Georgia Institute of Technology $4.3m to develop a new class of sensors able to detect multiple biological and chemical threats simultaneously. 10 Dec 2010

Universal flu vaccine to be tested in Indonesia
Australia and Indonesia are collaborating to produce and trial a universal flu vaccine. The new vaccine, GammaFlu, provides cross-protection against current influenza viruses as well as any other unknown strains that may arise in the future. 10 Dec 2010

Colour changing crystals indicate potential brain injury from bomb blast
Photonic crystals that change colour on exposure to the blast from an explosion could be used to indicate the potential brain damage to people nearby. 10 Dec 2010

Prostate cell regulating protein can transform healthy cells into cancer
The protein, called Bmi-1, has a crucial role in regulating the self-renewal of normal prostate stem cells. It has now been found to aid the transformation of healthy cells into prostate cancer cells. 9 Dec 2010

Biological clock affected by season of birth
The season in which babies are born can have a dramatic and persistent effect on how their biological clocks function. It may help explain the fact that people born in winter months have a higher risk of a number of neurological disorders. 9 Dec 2010

Elsevier launches online self-assessment for radiology board review
Elsevier has announced the release of Case Reviews Online, an online edition of Case Reviews print series offering radiology professionals self-assessment preparation for board review. 9 Dec 2010

GE's ASiR technology reduces radiation dose in CT scans
GE's adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction low dose reconstruction technology can reduce dose by up to 40-50% while maintaining image quality. 9 Dec 2010

Cordis to distribute Ostial Pro stent positioning system worldwide
Cordis Corporation has entered into a distribution agreement with Ostial Solutions for the worldwide distribution of the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System. 3 Dec 2010

NewGene certified to provide NimbleGen sequence capture services in UK
Roche NimbleGen has announced that Newcastle-based genomic services provider NewGene Ltd has officially become a Certified Service Provider (CSP) for NimbleGen Sequence Capture. 3 Dec 2010

New nanochemistry analytical tool based on quartz crystal
A new chemical analysis technique developed by a research group at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) uses the shifting ultrasonic pitch of a small quartz crystal to test the purity of only a few micrograms of material. 3 Dec 2010

Personalised medicine requires new strategies for cancer drug development
To make the most of this coming transformation, governments, pharmaceutical companies and doctors urgently need to adapt the way drugs are developed. 1 Dec 2010

diffusionNew Edinburgh diagnostic imaging centre improves early detection of disease
The Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC) is a fully integrated medical imaging facility to improve diagnosis and treatment of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. 1 Dec 2010

Plextek enhances HD image processing for medical applications
Plextek has announced enhancements to its image processing suite designed to help medical device manufacturers overcome the technical challenges involved in developing mega-pixel video solutions for medical applications. 1 Dec 2010

The spinal implant microchipMicrochip implanted in spine stimulates paralysed limb muscles
A new type of microchip that can be implanted into the spine to stimulate muscles of people with paraplegia has been developed by a team of engineers from the UK, Germany and Ireland. 1 Dec 2010

Philips introduces low dose CT platform
The new Philips Ingenuity CT (computed tomography) platform can provide equivalent diagnostic imaging quality with greatly reduced radiation dose to the patient. 1 Dec 2010

Report: Nanobiotechnology
Nanobiotechnology, an integration of physical sciences, molecular engineering, biology, chemistry and biotechnology holds considerable promise of advances in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The report starts with an introduction to various techniques and materials that are relevant to nanobiotechnology. Application in life sciences research, particularly at the cell level sets the stage for role of nanobiotechnology in healthcare in subsequent chapters. more ...
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