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November 2006

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Nikon launches NIS Elements v2.3 for microscope image capture and analysis. 30 Nov 2006

Ferrania shows new LifeWeb radiology systems at RSNA 2006. 30 Nov 2006

Mercury showcases enhanced PACS solutions at RSNA 2006. 30 Nov 2006

A model illustrating the direction and strength of blood flow through a child's pulmonary artery and connecting veins after certain changes are made to its shape.4D MRI scans of child heart help predict outcome of heart surgery
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the hearts of children with heart defects can be used to create three-dimensional models to test the effect of surgical procedures. This can help surgeons plan optimum surgery for each child’s congenital heart defect. 29 November 2006

Doctor consulting a nurse via the robotRoaming robots give doctors remote access to hospital patients 24/7
The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas has two robots that can be controlled remotely by a doctor to navigate wards and communicate with patients and staff on wards where rapid access to expert advice is critical. 29 November 2006

Siemens' Axiom Aristos VX Plus allows easier entry into digital radiography.
The new digital X-ray system drastically reduces the number of work steps. The workflow is greatly optimized, resulting in higher patient throughput. 28 Nov 2006

Philips' online medical Learning Center clocks 100,000 participants
The Learning Center offers more than 200 self-directed courses, covering a range of clinical, departmental and industry topics, for radiological technologists, sonographers, nurses and other allied health professionals. 28 Nov 2006

Nucletron and RaySearch cooperate to develop proton therapy planning software
The companies have signed a long-term development and license agreement that will result in a new proton treatment planning and optimization module that will be fully integrated in Nucletron's Oncentra MasterPlan software. 28 Nov 2006

Whittington Hospital imaging department equipped by £30m managed-service contract
The fully digital department has been designed and developed by Asteral as part of a £30 million 15-year standalone Managed Equipment Service (MES) contract. 27 Nov 2006

Dräger acute care system integrates patient monitoring, therapy and information management
The Dräger Infinity Acute Care System offers a completely new approach to managing and delivering care across the entire acute care continuum. All devices have the same base hardware and software architecture, user interface and nomenclature. 24 Nov 2006

Bracelet for locating Alzheimer patients by GPS and GSM phone launched in Spain
The bracelet, which integrates a mobile telephone system, intelligent alerts and localisation via satellite (GPS), allows the Alzheimer patient to be located if they are lost or disoriented and also to establish immediate contact with them. 23 Nov 2006 Deutsch Italiano

Falls become leading cause of injury deaths for over-65s
Fall-related death rates for men and women 65 years and older increased significantly from 1993 to 2003 in the USA, according to a report from CDC. In 2000, the direct medical costs for falls among older adults were approximately $19 billion. 23 Nov 2006

One million base pairs of Neandertal DNA sequenced
A project has analysed approximately one million base pairs of nuclear Neandertal DNA from a 38,000-year-old Croatian fossil. 22 Nov 2006

NHS Scotland awards £300 million IT services contract to Atos Origin Alliance. 21 Nov 2006

Mirapoint wins contract to secure messaging services for UK health service. 21 Nov 2006

Specialist medical software supplier EndoSoft opens UK office
21 Nov 2006

Viscotek releases new dynamic light scattering software for chemical characterisation. 21 Nov 2006

Dräger adopts Masimo pulse oximetry platform
Dräger Medical has expanded its partnership with Masimo and will integrate the Masimo Rainbow SET platform as its principal pulse oximetry patient monitoring technology. 21 Nov 2006

The winning image: Cell nuclei of the mouse colon (740x)Mouse colon photomicrograph wins Nikon’s Small World competition
Nikon’s Small World competition has been won by Dr. Paul Appleton, from the University of Dundee for images produced from his research into the development of colon cancer.

Sorin Group initiates European study to show superiority of dual chamber ICDs. 20 Nov 2006 Deutsch Italiano Francais Español

Schleswig-Holstein Medical Centre rolls out Picis critical care software. 20 Nov 2006

Esaote harnesses TI DSP chips to deliver new range of medical diagnostic systems. 20 Nov 2006

Boston Scientific's remote monitoring system first to integrate to GE's electronic records
Boston Scientific's Latitude Patient Management is the first remote patient monitoring system to provide clinicians with direct device data integration capability into GE's Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR). 16 Nov 2006

Ventilator controlled by patient's brain
MAQUET Critical Care has launched the SERVO-i ventilator with neurally adjusted ventilatory assist at MEDICA. It allows the patient to control the ventilator with their brain's respiratory centre. 16 Nov 2006

Siemens brings network connectivity to healthcare
At Medica 2006 under the title “A Holistic View with a Focus on Benefits”, Siemens is presenting a new look to patient-based solutions and what is now possible thanks to modern information technology. 15 Nov 2006

Siemens Medical wins $40-million deal with South Carolina University
Siemens Medical Solutions and The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have entered into a five-year, $40-million strategic alliance that will bring leading-edge diagnostic imaging technologies to the University and will include a collaborative research and development programme. 15 Nov 2006

Neurological movement disorder substantially reduced by deep brain stimulation therapy
An implantable medical device sending mild electrical pulses to precisely-targeted areas of the brain involved in motor control can provide significant and sustained benefits to people with a disabling form of a neurological movement disorder called dystonia. 15 Nov 2006

Carbon nanotubes bridge nerve cells and electronics
Carbon nanotubes that connect nerve cells to electronic circuits may lead to new implantable biomedical devices that can act as artificial nerve cells, control severe pain, or allow otherwise paralyzed muscles to be moved. 14 Nov 2006

Software to predict risk of breast cancer returning after treatment
Doctors have created a computer tool to predict the risk of breast cancer returning in the same breast in women who have had breast conserving surgery. 14 Nov 2006

World Diabetes Day — 14 November
In almost every country of the world, diabetes is on the rise. The current number of people with diabetes stands at over 230 million. The disease is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputation, heart attack and stroke. It is one of the most significant causes of death, responsible for a similar number of deaths each year as HIV/AIDS. 14 Nov 2006
Español Deutsch Francais

Pacemakers may be better than beta blockers for some heart failure patients
Patients suffering from certain types of heart failure may benefit more from pacemakers than from long-term use of medication, according to new research. 12 Nov 2006

German medical technology sector creates jobs in difficult economic environment
The annual survey of the German Medical Technology Association, BVMed has found that 46% of the 118 companies taking part have increased the number of jobs available. 9 Nov 2006 Deutsch

Medical imaging display panel from Siemens
Siemens has introduced a 3-megapixel flat panel display with especially high brightness and contrast. 9 Nov 2006 Deutsch Español

Philips introduces new MR simulator and CT applications.  8 Nov 2006

Calcium binds superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated with proteinMagnetic nanoparticles enable magnetic resonance imaging of neuron activity in brain
New chemical sensors that indicate the firing of neurons in the brain and show up strongly in magnetic resonance imaging will open the way for new research into the way the brain works. 7 Nov 2006

Boston Scientific receives EU clearance for new lead for electrical pain-relief device
The surgical or "paddle" lead potentially expands the application of the company's neurostimulation technology to an additional 20% of people with chronic pain of the limbs, back or trunk. 7 Nov 2006

Robotic surgery guided by 3-D ultrasound scanner
Duke University researchers used 3-D ultrasound images to pinpoint in real time the exact location of targets in a simulated surgical procedure. That spatial information then guided a robotically controlled surgical instrument right to its mark. 7 Nov 2006

Questmark releases White Paper on videoconferencing in healthcare
The paper gives a complete overview of selecting and running videoconferencing, financial benefits and case studies. 7 Nov 2006

A Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCT image of a retinaHeidelberg's high-speed retinal imaging device receives US clearance
The new device scans the retina 100 times faster than older technology and combines laser angiography with spectral domain optical coherence tomography to give unprecedented detail of the retina. 7 Nov 2006

Manchester backache sufferers wanted for ultrasound study
University of Manchester researchers are recruiting people with backache caused by nerve root pain — commonly known as sciatica — in the first ever study to discover if therapeutic ultrasound can help their condition. 3 Nov 2006

New method to focus T-rays could lead to breakthrough in disease detection
Researchers at the University of Bath, UK, and in Spain have found a way to control the flow of terahertz radiation down a metal wire so that it can be focused finely enough to examine biological cells for signs of disease and abnormalities. 3 Nov 2006

Brain–computer interface offers paralyzed patients improved quality of life
A brain–computer interface installed early enough in patients with neuron-destroying diseases can enable them to be taught to communicate through an electronic device and slow destruction of the nervous system. 3 Nov 2006

Siemens' take over of Bayer Diagnostics gains European approval
The €4.2 billion deal will allow Siemens' to combine its entire imaging diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics and clinical information technology value chain under one roof and create what the company claims is the world's first full service diagnostics company. 3 Nov 2006

Mercury Computer Systems and BRIT Systems form partnership in medical image management
BRIT Systems will integrate the Mercury Visage PACS and Visage CS thin client server in its Roentgen RIS radiology information system, enabling a significantly faster radiological workflow and outstanding image quality for 2D, 3D and 4D data. 2 Nov 2006

Precisely targeted cancer treatment for East Netherlands
The Medische Spectrum Twente (MST)hospital in Enschede, east Netherlands has installed the country's first On-Board Imager (OBI) device for image-guided radiotherapy. The device can reduce treatment margins to within 2mm-3mm accuracy, allowing clinicians to focus a higher radiation dose on the tumour. 2 Nov 2006

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