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London health services facing blood shortage ahead of Olympics
NHS Blood and Transplant says there is a gap between demand and supply of blood type O Rh Negative (O Negative) this summer and ask for O Negative donors to come forward ahead of the Olympics in July. 27 June 2012

Boosting blood system protein complex protects against radiation toxicity
Boosting a protein pathway in the blood-making system in the bone marrow protects mice from otherwise fatal radiation poisoning and could lead to new treatments. 27 June 2012

Sorin and Orange launch remote monitoring solution for ICDs in Europe
Smartview is a remote monitoring system for patients with implanted cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices and is available in several countries in Europe. 27 June 2012

Endosense force-sensing ablation catheter gains CE mark
The TactiCath Quartz force-sensing ablation catheter has been CE mark approved and the first cases using the new device have been performed in Europe. 27 June 2012

Ukraine opens 200-bed perinatal centre
The new perinatal center has been opened in the southeastern city of Dnipropetrovsk as part of the healthcare reform program. 26 June 2012

New semen test for testicular cancer
The Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen has found a new and simple way of detecting testicular cancer before it starts, by detecting markers in a sperm sample. 25 June 2012

New diagnostic tool increases the value of Kancera's ROR cancer treatment
Kancera and the Karolinska Institute have developed antibodies that permit the development of a diagnostic tool to identify cancer patient response to treatment using Kancera’s ROR inhibitors. 25 June 2012

Siemens launches new generation of hearing technology
The new technology offers improved speech comprehension, balanced sound, a new fitting strategy and a fine-tuning tool. 25 June 2012

Medilink East Midlands named UK partner in European biomaterials network
Medilink East Midlands has been named as the UK partner for the Biomat-IN biomaterials innovation network, which involves the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 25 June 2012

Lack of action on COPD as big a threat as global financial crisis
In the run up to World Spirometry Day on 27 June the European COPD Coalition (ECC) is calling on policy makers across Europe to recognise that chronic diseases such as COPD, present as great a threat as the global financial crisis, and is urging collective international action.

TLT secures new research collaboration with leading UK universities
Tarilian Laser Technologies has formed a new clinical research consortium with The William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI) at Queen Mary, University of London, which will also involve Imperial College, Oxford University and Barts Health NHS Trust. 22 June 2012

Gut bacteria regulate immune system and imbalance triggers rheumatoid arthritis
Genome sequencing has been used to show that the balance of bacteria in the human gut play a significant role in rheumatoid arthritis. 19 June 2012

Johnson & Johnson completes $20bn takeover of Synthes
Synthes has been integrated with the DePuy franchise to establish the DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson. 19 June 2012

TLT appoints Dr Art Tucker as Clinical Director  
Dr Tucker is a Principal Clinical Scientist and Vascular Researcher at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London; Honorary Reader at The William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London. 18 June 2012

Calixar secures €875K funding round to develop membrane protein services
The funds will enable Lyons-based Calixar to develop its international operations for membrane protein services and move its research programs forward. 18 June 2012

Plessey launches ultra-low cost version of EPIC sensor
Plessey Semiconductors has released an ultra-low cost version of its award-winning EPIC sensor that provides remote electric field sensing for high volume consumer markets. 15 June 2012

UK government funds 16 R&D projects for hi-tech manufacturing
The UK Technology Strategy Board and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council are to provide £6.5 million grant funding to support the development of new technologies in manufacturing. 15 June 2012

UCL and Pharmidex partnership leads to advances in synthetic organs
The UK Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network has announced details of a partnership between two of its members that has recently led to the synthesis of artificial organs including an ear, nose and trachea. 15 June 2012

Stem cells from fat tissue can grow bone for grafts
Bone grafts grown from purified stem cells originating from a patient's own fat tissue could lead to a more efficient way to regenerate bone and end the painful operations needed to collect a patient’s own bone for grafting. 15 June 2012

16th-century Korean mummy reveals unique hepatitis B genetic code
The discovery of a mummified Korean child has enabled the reconstruction of an ancient hepatitis B virus genetic code. It is also the oldest full viral genome described in the scientific literature to date. 12 June 2012

Miniature magnetic sensor opens new era for neurology
A new type of magnetic field sensor, called a chip-scale atomic magnetometer (CSAM), uses miniaturized optics for measuring absorption changes in a rubidium gas cell caused by magnetic fields. 12 June 2012

Boston Scientific completes acquisition of Cameron Health
The acquisition of San Clemente-based Cameron Health, Inc adds the company's subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator, the S-ICD System, to Boston Scientific's portfolio. 11 June 2012

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy gives non-invasive test for early Alzheimer's
MRS can measure specific brain chemical changes that provides a signature of the early stages of Alzheimer's disease from the hippocampal region of the brain. 11 June 2012

High speed bench-top sequencing to revolutionise hospital infection control
A new generation of bench-top DNA sequencers can quickly and cheaply map the entire genetic codes of bacteria causing life-threatening infections. 11 June 2012

TSB awards £1m funding to develop small molecule drug platform
Three companies, Isogenica, Biolauncher, and Cresset Group, have been awarded £1m funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board to develop a highly-scalable approach to small molecule drug discovery. 7 June 2012

International conference on nanostructured metamaterials
The Conference will be held on 3-4 July in Jena, Germany, and will disseminate the latest results on how to model, fabricate, characterize, and use electromagnetic nanostructured materials. 7 June 2012

Medical apps give insight into joint problems
Educational app developer 3D4Medical has released new versions of their Pro creations for knee, hip, shoulder, ankle & foot, and hand and wrist study. 7 June 2012

Electronic sensor can detect prostate cancer cells
Scientists at the Barcelona University have developed the main components of a biosensor containing several hundred nanometric sized optoacoustic biosensors and that can detect cancer cells in urine. 4 June 2012

Secretion processes in human cells controlled by 15% of proteins encoded by human genome
An international collaboration between University College Dublin and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) has revealed for the first time that 15% of the proteins encoded by the human genome contribute to the process of secretion in cells. 4 June 2012

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