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Rosetta Capital buys SEK220 million share in Karolinska Development holdings
Karolinska Development AB has announced that a syndicate led by the life science investor Rosetta Capital will acquire a minority share in Karolinska Development’s holdings in 13 of its 25 portfolio companies for SEK 220 million. 21 Dec 2012

Undetected stroke could cause Parkinson's disease
Small strokes that show no outward symptoms could cause enough damage to the brain to give Parkinson's disease, according to scientists at the University of Manchester. 20 Dec 2012

Sleeping pills have questionable clinical effectiveness
A major study of clinical trial data that had been submitted by pharmaceutical companies to the US Food and Drug Administration shows that half of the benefit of taking sleeping pills comes from the placebo effect. 20 Dec 2012

Portable pollution sensor displays air quality data on user's smartphone
The device, called CitiSense, could be particularly useful to people suffering from chronic conditions, such as asthma, who need to avoid exposure to pollutants. 18 Dec 2012

Microscopic filter captures cancer cells circulating in blood stream
The filter could enable detection of tumour cells circulating in blood well before they subsequently colonize organs and form tumours. 17 Dec 2012

NHS publishes guidance to reduce carbon footprint of medical devices and medicines
The guidance is the first of its kind for the healthcare sector and is an important part of helping the NHS to reduce its carbon footprint. 17 Dec 2012

LifeMap Sciences launches database of human cellular life for regenerative medicine
The platform integrates embryonic development and stem cell biology with molecular, cellular, anatomical, and disease-related information, and provides data-mining capabilities and bioinformatics applications. 14 Dec 2012

European nanoelectronics industry to invest €100bn to keep competitiveness
A new report outlines a proposal by companies and institutes within Europe’s nanoelectronics ecosystem to invest €100 billion up to the year 2020 on an ambitious research and innovation programme. 14 Dec 2012

Genetics shows Crohn's, colitis and other inflammatory diseases share common biological pathways
Genetics shows IBD may result from the body’s immune response over-reacting, the result of a long-term evolutionary balancing act between defence against bacterial infection and harmful excessive inflammation. 13 Dec 2012

NPL develops radionuclide tracing system for radiotherapy
Scientists from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have developed a system of radionuclide traceability for a new radiotherapy treatment for neuroendocrine tumours. 13 Dec 2012

Siemens introduces wireless ultrasound system
The ACUSON Freestyle system features wireless transducers and a number of innovations, including acoustics, system architecture, radio design, miniaturization, and image processing. 13 Dec 2012

Fujitsu and National University Singapore to develop body sensor network for health monitoring
The initial objectives involve developing a wireless body sensor network for continuous patient monitoring in hospital and the home, and connected to a “health cloud”. 13 Dec 2012

GE introduces silent MRI technology
GE's Silent Scan technology reduces excessive acoustic noise generated during an MR scan to ambient levels. 13 Dec 2012

First thought-controlled prosthetic arm to be implanted in patients
The prosthetic arm will be anchored directly to the skeleton and electrodes connected to nerves and muscles will transfer signals from the brain to the arm and also provide feedback to the brain. 12 Dec 2012

New website helps healthcare organisations reduce risk of sharps injuries
BD has launched a website to help healthcare workers and their organisations comply with the EU Directive on the prevention of sharps injuries. 10 Dec 2012

X-ray detector can measure nanoscale cell elements important in disease detection
A new type of X-ray detector that can determine the size of microvesicles, the smallest cell elements, has been developed by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and Dectris. 8 Dec 2012

UK public urged to take part in online Flusurvey to analyse how it spreads
The annual UK Flusurvey aims to collect data from men and women of all ages around the country, in order to map trends as seasonal flu takes hold. 5 Dec 2012

Diabetes drug may reduce brain damage after stroke
A common antidiabetic drug is a new potential therapy to reduce brain damage following stroke in type 2 diabetic patients, according to a study in mice. 5 Dec 2012

European failure to screen for hepatitis leading to greater infection rates
Population screening for hepatitis, especially in risk groups, is not conducted systematically in most EU Member States, making it the weakest spot of hepatitis care policies in comparison to prevention and treatment. 5 Dec 2012

Patients with online access to medical records use clinical services more
Patients with online access to their medical records and who used email to communicate with clinicians used clinical services more, including office visits and telephone encounters. 5 Dec 2012

Quality of French men's semen falling
The concentration of sperm in French men’s semen was in steady decline from 1989-2005 and there has been a decrease in the number of normally formed sperm. 5 Dec 2012

Copper and copper alloy surfaces reduce infection by antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Rapid death of both antibiotic-resistant strains and destruction of plasmid and genomic DNA was observed on copper and copper alloy surfaces. 4 Dec 2012

NanoKTN urges UK SMEs to take advantage of £10m R&D funding call
UKTI is calling for innovative proposals from SMEs that focus on projects that advance the development of a recent technological discovery or breakthrough in the context of significant and identifiable technological risk. 4 Dec 2012

Ashford and St Peter's NHS Trust empowers staff with wireless network
The wireless network enables clinicians and staff to deliver a better experience to patients through the use of faster and always-on devices. 4 Dec 2012

New biomaterials can promote regeneration of brain tissue after injury and disease damage
This allows the generation, within these structures, of new neurons and glia, capable of repairing injured brain tissue caused by trauma, stroke or neurodegenerative disease, among other causes. 3 Dec 2012

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