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Providing physiotherapy advice by phone gives equal results and reduces waiting times
The service, based on initial telephone assessment, has the ability to provide faster access to the service and cut waiting times, a study published on suggests. 30 Jan 2013

TSB lauds progress made in establishing Catapult network of innovation centres
Chief Executive Ian Gray, speaking in the House of Lords earlier this week, outlined the milestones reached since the Prime Minister announced late in 2010 that the Technology Strategy Board would be establishing, overseeing and coordinating the network. 30 Jan 2013

Bone Therapeutics raises €7.7m to fund bone cell therapy pipeline
The company has successfully closed a Series D funding round, raising €7.7m from current investors and the Walloon Region of Belgium. 30 Jan 2013

Philips introduces advanced imaging integration for EP navigator
This has a novel approach to 3D rotational angiography that provides real-time anatomical details of cardiac LA-PV structures with significantly enhanced workflow. 30 Jan 2013

UK government needs more innovative approach to improve prospects for telecare
The UK government's flagship 3millionlives telecare programme is in danger of stalling without a more  innovative approach, according to a new report. 28 Jan 2013

SR One launches £100,000 competition for young medtech entrepreneurs
Venture capital firm SR One has launched a £100,000 competition to encourage young biotechnology and medical technology entrepreneurs in Europe. 28 Jan 2013

First UK patient receives Ottobock bionic hand
The first UK patient was fitted with Ottobock's pioneering Michelangelo Hand by Dorset Orthopaedic on 22nd January 2013. The hand has life-like, sculptural design and its fingers are made of both hard and soft materials mirroring bones, joints, muscles and tendons. 25 Jan 2013

Siemens unveils new 3-Tesla MRI system
The 3-Tesla Magnetom Prisma will offer a new level of MRI imaging, combining high gradient strength and fast gradient slew rates. 25 Jan 2013

UK funding competition for robotics and autonomous systems research
A £1 million funding competition that will help develop Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) technology in the UK has been launched by the Technology Strategy Board. 25 Jan 2013

Antimicrobial hydrogel breaks through MRSA film barrier and destroys cells
An antimicrobial hydrogel that can break through microbial biofilms and completely eradicate drug-resistant bacteria upon contact has been unveiled by IBM and the Singapore-based Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. 25 Jan 2013

New alliance of academic research centres to accelerate drug development
Six of the world’s top translational health research centres have formed the Global Alliance of Leading Drug Discovery and Development Centres. 23 Jan 2013

First patient receives new implant that replaces middle ear
A Swedish patient has become the first to receive an implant that replaces a malfunctioning middle ear and restores some hearing through 'bone conduction'. 23 Jan 2013

DMU and Ithaka in partnership to market new technology for transporting CYP proteins
De Montfort University is establishing a new company with Ithaka Life Sciences, to market new technology designed for the transport of a range of compounds important in drug discovery. 23 Jan 2013

First patient treated in trial of Boston Scientific's Blazer temperature ablation catheter
The first patient has been treated in the ZERO AF clinical trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the catheter in patients with symptomatic, drug refractory paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. 23 Jan 2013

Philips and University of Malaya to establish centre for sleep disorders
South East Asia’s first excellence centre for sleep disorders will be established at the University of Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) in collaboration with Philips Malaysia. 23 Jan 2013

Care homes and healthcare services need to work together to improve health of older people
Tensions exist between care homes and healthcare services due to their different focus and requires better co-operation and integration to improve levels of care for older people, according to a study led by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire. 23 Jan 2013

Increase in young people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases
In Europe, about three million patients suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis with a peak occuring between the ages of 20 and 30. 23 Jan 2013

Stem cells differ in ability to differentiate
Isolated stem cells vary in their characteristics for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Only a specific group are useful for therapeutic purposes. 16 Jan 2013

Rapid identification of lung infection by analysing volatile compounds in breath
The chemical ‘fingerprints’ given off by specific bacteria when present in the lungs, can be identified by a type of mass spectrometry, potentially allowing for a quick and simple breath test to diagnose infections such as tuberculosis. 16 Jan 2013

Manchester University develops 3D colour X-ray camera for chemical analysis of hidden objects
This could radically improve security screening at airports, medical imaging, aircraft maintenance, industrial inspection and geophysical exploration. 11 Jan 2013

BMJ raises concerns over effectiveness of costly melanoma procedure and witheld clinical trial data
The BMJ has published a special report this week that finds that thousands of melanoma patients around the world are undergoing an unnecessary expensive and invasive procedure called sentinel node biopsy. 11 Jan 2013

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital captures patient information outside the electronic patient record
The trust will use Hyland Software's OnBase software to capture information on paper, in email, on clinical devices and in other fileshares. 10 Jan 2013

BD Emerald syringe reduces medical waste
BD has launched the BD Emerald, a syringe for general medication preparation and delivery, which also uses less material so reduces medical waste. 10 Jan 2013

Ultra high strength silica nanowires developed at Southampton University
The University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) has created the world's strongest silica nanofibres, which could lead to a new generation of ultra high strength composites. 10 Jan 2013

New model helps predict chance of surgical cure for prostate cancer
Prostate cancer experts have developed an updated version of a statistical model, called the Partin Tables, which helps assess the chance of a surgical cure for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. 9 Jan 2013

Alcohol-impregnated disinfection cap reduces central line infections
Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) dropped by 52%when an alcohol-impregnated disinfection cap was used instead of standard scrubbing protocol, according to a new study. 9 Jan 2013

Ultrasound test to replace invasive biopsy for liver fibrosis in NHS
A non-invasive ultrasound test is set to reduce the need for liver biopsy across the NHS, saving over £500 on each test, following a guide published by the NHS Technology Assessment Centre (NTAC).

Hydrogen peroxide vapour effective in preventing spread of hospital infections
Hydrogen peroxide vapour dispensers operated in rooms after routine cleaning reduced the 'superbug' infection rate in patients by 64%, according to a study at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US. 3 Jan 2013

New radiotherapy treatments developed by Polish researchers 
The new technology to produce 90Y (yttrium) and177Lu (lutetium) radioisotopes was developed at the NCBJ Radioisotope Centre. 3 Jan 2013

BioCity Scotland hails outstanding first year of operation
BioCity Scotland, the country's largest incubation centre for life science businesses in Newhouse, Lanarkshire will celebrate the first anniversary of its formation on 5 January 2013. 3 Jan 2012

Hospital infection of C. diff tracked using genetic analysis
A study by Oxford University used genomics analysis to assess the incidence of patient-to-patient transmission of C. difficile in a hospital setting. 3 Jan 2013

MicroRNAs show promise for cancer therapy and diagnosis
As many as 50% of all human protein-coding genes are regulated by microRNA molecules. While some miRNAs impact onset and progression of cancer, others can suppress the development of malignant tumours and are useful in cancer therapy. 3 Jan 2013

New figures show state of clinical research in the NHS
The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network has published new statistics that provide an insight into the current state-of-play for clinical research in the NHS in England. Jan 2013

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