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Smart skin patch wins French ‘Worldwide Innovation Challenge’ award
Rhenovia Pharma has announced that its SMARTT e-Patch project has won an award founded by the President of France to identify future champions in the French economy. 28 Apr 2014

Nanosensors detect cancer from breath
A collaboration of researchers in Switzerland and Japan has developed portable cancer detection units using coated nanocantilevers for diagnosis from breath. 25 Apr 2014

Codasip secures $2.8m investment for ASIP technology
Application-specific processor developer Codasip, has announced that it has closed its first round of public funding from Czech venture capital firm Credo Ventures. 25 Apr 2014

New vulnerability found in HIV virus gives potential for new vaccine
A new vulnerable site on the HIV virus that doesn't mutate or vary between strains has been identified by a team led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) working with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). 24 Apr 2014

Nanoparticle solution closes deep wounds in 30 seconds
A French research team has shown that an aqueous solution of nanoparticles can repair deep wounds in the skin and soft-tissue organs that normally tear when sutures (stitches) are applied. 24 Apr 2014

New method to keep leukaemia stem cells in culture will help drug discovery
Two new chemical compounds that can keep alive cultures of leukemic stem cells have been discovered by a team from Université de Montréal and Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Quebec, Canada. 15 April 2014

Nottingham University develops hydrogel for growing heart tissue from stem cells
A multidisciplinary team at Nottingham University has developed a new hydrogel that could simplify the production of stem cells and their differentiation into specific tissues for use in regenerative medicine. 15 April 2014

New EU rules on clinical trials data aimed at preventing Tamiflu and other scandals
New rules on making clinical trials data available for public scrutiny were voted through by the European Parliament this month. 15 April 2014

Quantum Imaging secures £1.6m funding to develop portable magnetometry device
The company has secured a £1.6m investment by IP Group and the University of Leeds to enable the development of a portable medical imaging device based on its magnetometry technology. 9 April 2014

Call for clearer direction on use of whole-genome sequencing for newborn screening
Ethical, legal and social issues of whole-genome sequencing should be debated before adopting it in public-health programs that screen newborns for rare conditions, say researchers at McGill University. 9 April 2014

Gel coating for implants promotes bone growth
A new gel coating for titanium implants developed at Uppsala University, Sweden improves their integration into bone and prevents rejection. 4 April 2014

Injectable pressure sensor detects full bladders for people suffering neurological disease
A small pressure sensor developed by SINTEF in Norway can help people suffering from a neurological disease that affects control of the bladder and can lead to a life threatening situation. 4 April 2014

Alzheimer's study to look at link to lifestyle and genetics in 1 million people
A global study led by Cardiff University will combine multiple epidemiological studies to explore the relationship between genetics and lifestyle in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and help develop personalised treatments.

TI Pharma joins consortium in €7.8m project tackling neglected parasitic diseases
An international group of academic institutions and companies is joining forces to develop novel drugs against parasites in an EU-funded project led by VU University Amsterdam. 4 April 2014

GE Healthcare to acquire operating room management system provider CHCA
GE Healthcare has announced that it will acquire CHCA Computer Systems Inc., a Canadian operating room (OR) management and analytics solutions provider. 4 April 2014

Second Sight's retinal prosthesis system approved for reimbursement in France
The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System has become the first recipient of the French Government's 'Forfait Innovation' programme for reimbursement of innovative treatments. 2 April 2014

Nerve protein in blood shows extent of brain damage following concussion
Elevated blood levels of tau, a nerve cell protein, indicates the extent of brain damage from concussion, according to research at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden. 1 April 2014

Common sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs linked to increase in mortality
A large study by the University of Warwick has shown that several anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills are associated with a doubling in the risk of mortality. 1 April 2014

Large variation in quality of health care within and between European countries
Sweden, Italy and Norway have high quality health services overall, according to the EuroHOPE project, but quality and costs vary widely both between and within countries. 1 April 2014

Long-term study shows vegetables and fruit are the key to long life
A study looking at eating habits and mortality in a large population sample in England has shown that the more vegetables and fruit you eat the longer you live. 1 April 2014

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