October 2013

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October 2013

East Midlands pharma sector regenerating following AstraZeneca research lab closure
The pharmaceutical industry in the UK's East Midlands is seeing growth in new businesses following AstraZeneca’s closure of its Charnwood research labs, according to industry association Medilink East Midlands. 31 Oct 2013

High blood sugar combined with Alzheimer's causes brain damage
High blood-sugar levels damage blood vessels in the brain of Alzheimer's sufferers according to a study at Tulane University published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 31 Oct 2013

Free-floating 3D holograms of heart used to guide heart surgery
Royal Philips and RealView Imaging Ltd have completed a pilot study that has demonstrated the feasibility of using a live 3D hologram with interactive technology to guide minimally-invasive heart surgery. 31 Oct 2013

New software detects genetic diseases 20 times more accurately
A new set of computer programs developed at the iMinds research institute at KU Leuven can rapidly identify hereditary diseases from the vast amounts of data generated by genetic analysis. 30 Oct 2013

PET scan tracer highlights areas of pain inside soft tissue
Researchers at Uppsala University have developed a method to image the areas of damage and pain in soft tissue following injury such as tennis elbow. 30 Oct 2013

ExcoInTouch to showcase patient engagement solutions at J&J digital health masterclass
Nottingham-based ExcoInTouch, a developer of patient engagement and data-capture solutions, has announced it is taking part in a Johnson & Johnson Digital Health Masterclass to demonstrate the benefits of mHealth.

Cepheid launches next-generation Xpert Flu diagnostic test
Cepheid has launched its next generation Xpert Flu test for the GeneXpert System, offering on-demand STAT testing for triage, outbreaks, emergencies and high risk patient management. 28 Oct 2013

IBM develops microfluidic probe to diagnose cancer in tissue samples
IBM scientists are collaborating with pathologists at the University Hospital Zürich to test a prototype device called a microfluidic probe for accurately diagnosing different types of cancer. 28 Oct 2013

Advance in printing human organs using inkjet printers
Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB) in Stuttgart have developed components of human tissue that can be used as inks for inkjet printing of human organs. 28 Oct 2013

Poor sleep linked to higher levels of Alzheimer's biomarker β-amyloid
Poor sleep quality in older adults could affect the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 28 Oct 2013

Nanodiamonds monitor molecular processes from inside cancer cells
The EU-funded project Dinamo aims to develop a sensing platform for real-time monitoring of biomolecular processes in living cancer cells using fluorescent diamond particles. 28 Oct 2013

Saturated fat is protective and not cause of cardiovascular disease and obesity
Saturated fat has been wrongly demonised as the cause of obesity and heart disease since the 1970's when the evidence is just the opposite, argues a cardiologist on 28 Oct 2013

High hormone levels could be cause of breast cancer in BRCA gene carriers
Abnormal levels of female hormones in the blood could be the trigger causing women with the faulty genes BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 to develop breast cancer instead of other cancers. 24 Oct 2013

Enterovirus associated with type 1 diabetes identified
For the first time, researchers have identified the types of enterovirus associated with type 1 diabetes. Two collaborating teams have published the findings of their separate studies. 24 Oct 2013

£3.6m competition to develop kidney care technology
The UK Department of Health and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has launched a £3.6m fund to find new technologies associated with kidney disease. 23 Oct 2013

Philips launches app to help check for breast cancer
Philips is launching an iPhone and iPad app that gives an easy guide for women to check the health of their breasts regularly. 23 Oct 2013

Cold plasmas have multipronged attack to destroy bacteria
Researchers at Ruhr-Universität (RUB)in Germany have discovered how cold plasmas destroy bacteria at both the cellular and molecular level, making them efficient disinfectants. 18 Oct 2013

Breakthrough in developing new antibiotic and vaccine for TB
A French-British team has discovered that the tuberculosis bacterium can be prevented from growing by blocking a protein that transports the amino acid aspartate into the bacteria cell. 18 Oct 2013

JDRF commits $5m to carry diabetes therapies through "valley of death"
Diabetes charity JDRF and technology development company PureTech, have launched T1D Innovations, an organisation focussed on accelerating the development of innovative diabetes therapies. 16 Oct 2013

Clinlogix acquires ikfe CRO
Clinical research organization Clinlogix has expanded operations in Europe with the acquisition of Mainz-based ikfe CRO GmbH. 16 Oct 2013

immatics seals €34m financing for development of renal cancer vaccine
Tuebingen-based immatics biotechnologies has closed a €34 million Series D financing round to fund development of its lead multi-peptide cancer vaccine, IMA901. 16 Oct 2013

Lungs awaiting transplant preserved 11 hours outside body at room temperature
A transplant team at University Hospitals Leuven has successfully preserved a set of donor lungs for over eleven hours while waiting for completion of the patient's emergency liver transplant. 16 Oct 2013

Aberdeen University looks for breast cancer drug in shark blood
AICR, the Scottish cancer research charity, has awarded biologists from the University of Aberdeen £200,000 to test if an antibody found in shark blood can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. 11 Oct 2013

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals digitises patient casenotes
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has deployed the Kainos Evolve EMR system to digitise patient records across seven medical specialties. 11 Oct 2013

Southern Health secures funding for telehealth programme
Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has secured performance-related payments from the UK Department of Health to continue delivery of telehealthcare for patients living with long-term conditions in the South of England. 11 Oct 2013

Eye movement test to check for psychiatric disorders wins award
An eye movement test to assist diagnosis of major adult psychiatric disorders has won the Converge Challenge, a national contest recognising Scotland’s entrepreneurial innovations. 11 Oct 2013

New compound halts Alzheimer's in mice
Researchers at the University of Leicester have discovered an oral treatment that blocks the process causing brain cell death in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alhzheimer's. 10 Oct 2013

Cambridge Innovation Capital raises £50m to invest in local hi-tech companies
CIC has announced that it has raised an initial £50m from long-term institutional and strategic investors to support companies based in the 'Cambridge Cluster' of science and business parks. 10 Oct 2013

Touch Bionics executive receives Scottish engineering honour
The Chief Technical Officer of prosthetics developer Touch Bionics has been inducted into the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame. Hugh Gill takes his place alongside Scottish engineering pioneers such as James Watt and Thomas Telford. 10 Oct 2013

QuantuMDx wins NE innovation award for handheld DNA sequencer
Newcastle-based diagnostics company QuantuMDx has been awarded the Insider's 'Made in the North East' Life Sciences trophy in recognition of its ground-breaking handheld DNA sequencer. 10 Oct 2013

Nanodiamonds carry chemotherapy drugs direct to brain tumour
Microscopic carbon-based particles called nanodiamonds are able to carry chemotherapy drugs directly into brain tumours in a new technique developed by the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA. 8 October 2013

First artificial larynx implanted in a human
Strasbourg University Hospitals has completed the first implantation of an artificial larynx in a human patient. The implant is now the focus of a Europe-wide clinical study and further development before being released for general use. 8 Oct 2013

European Patients’ Forum launches campaign for patient participation
The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) has launched a campaign ahead of the 2014 European elections to encourage policymakers to commit to putting patients at the centre of healthcare throughout Europe. cancers. 2 oct 2013

Ibuprofen inhibits growth of some cancers
Long-term use of Ibuprofen could give protection against prostate cancer, some colon cancers and several other cancers, according to research at the University of Bath. 2 Oct 2013

Sagentia partners with Senseonics to develop glucose monitoring system
Sagentia Inc. has developed an iPhone app for the Senseonics glucose monitoring system to provide self-management assistance to diabetes patients. 1 Oct 2013

Nanion starts shipping SyncroPatch 384PE drug screening system
Nanion's SyncroPatch 384 Patch Engine (PE) is designed for seamless integration into process-automated drug screening environments. 1 Oct 2013

Isansys markets Patient Status Engine plug-and-play monitoring system
Isansys Lifecare Limited has announced the market availability of its Patient Status Engine, a plug-and-play continuous wireless vital signs monitoring system. 1 Oct 2013

Microscope detects cancer cells spreading through the bloodstream
A team at Stanford University is developing a pen microscope that could noninvasively detect cancer seed cells circulating in the bloodstream, allowing for earlier interventions than current techniques. 1 Oct 2013

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