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Medtronic launches $17m programme to support chronic disease care for underserved populations
Medtronic has launched HealthRise, a five-year, US$17m Medtronic Philanthropy program that supports community-based demonstration projects specifically designed to expand access to care and management of chronic, non-communicable diseases. 24 Jun 2014

Endomagnetics completes acquisition of the ACT Portfolio
The ACT portfolio provides Endomagnetics with a cancer therapeutics platform while maintaining synergies with its magnetic nanoparticle technology. 24 June 2014

EU REACTION project develops diabetes management tools
The EU funded REACTION project has developed a set of software tools and devices to help both diabetes patients and medical staff better manage the condition. 24 Jun 2014

Exco InTouch and AstraZeneca develop ground-breaking mHealth system for COPD
Exco InTouch has announced that a collaboration with AstraZeneca has produced a ground-breaking mHealth program that improves condition management for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 17 Jun 2014

Edwards Lifesciences reports good outcomes for Sapien 3 transcatheter aortic heart valve
Edwards Lifesciences has released clinical trials data on its most advanced transcatheter aortic heart valve, the Sapien 3. Results from the trial concluded that outcomes at 30 days were excellent. 

Wiley acquires drug discovery software developer SimBioSys
Specialist information provider and publisher John Wiley has announced that it has acquired SimBioSys Inc., a provider of scientific software tools that facilitate the drug discovery process. 12 Jun 2014

Novartis Foundation and Netherlands Leprosy Relief launch project to reduce leprosy
The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development and Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) are launching a project with national leprosy programs and other leprosy organisations to reduce the spread of leprosy worldwide. 11 Jun 2014

British Cardiovascular Society launches app to calculate heart age
The British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) has launched an app to calculate risk of heart attack or stroke and estimate heart age compared to the average equivalent person.

Exercise boosts diversity of gut bacteria
Exercise boosts the diversity of the bacteria found in the gut, according to a study of professional rugby players published online in the journal Gut. 11 Jun 2014

Synthetic Biologics and Enterome Bioscience to study impact of beta-lactam antibiotics on intestinal bacteria
Antibiotics developer Synthetic Biologics and gut microbiome specialist Enterome Bioscience SA will collaborate in genomic research on the effects of beta-lactam antibiotics on the gastrointestinal microflora of human patients. 11 Jun 2014

Clearbridge BioMedics launches device that isolates circulating tumour cells from blood
Clearbridge BioMedics has launched a new cancer diagnostic device, the ClearCell FX System, which is able to isolate and capture circulating tumour cells (CTCs) from a blood sample.

Adaptimmune announces partnership with GSK for cell-based cancer therapies
Adaptimmune Limited has announced  a multi-million dollar strategic collaboration and licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for the development and commercialisation of its lead clinical cancer programme. 5 Jun 2014

Almac validates novel gene biomarker test for ovarian cancer patients
The company has announced the validated results of the ALM AADx assay, a gene expression test that identifies a subgroup ovarian cancer patients that have a good prognosis following chemotherapy. 5 Jun 2014

Pharma industry encouraged to adopt mobile solutions for clinical trials efficiency
Exco InTouch, a provider of patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, is championing the industry to adopt mobile electronic patient reported outcome. 5 Jun 2014

LayerWise wins GE’s global competition for 3D printing of metal parts
GE has chosen LayerWise as the winner of its worldwide open innovation challenge, the 3D Printing Production Quest, to produce complex medical imaging device parts with high precision. 4 Jun 2014

Provence Technologies acquires Synprosis
Marseille-based chemistry research company Provence Technologies Group has acquired Synprosis, a specialist in the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins for therapeutic use. 4 Jun 2014

QuantuMDx closes $8.42m funding for prototyping handheld DNA diagnostics device
The Newcastle-based diagnostics developer has announced it has closed an $8.42m funding round syndicated with philanthropist private investors and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. 4 Jun 2014

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